Choir Constitution

Name of the choir

The name of the choir is the Hart and Soul Community Choir; hereafter abbreviated to H&SCC.


Guiding Principles

  • Participation as a member of H&SCC is open to all without a requirement to perform at an audition.

  • H&SCC is a mixed ability choir.

  • H&SCC has no religious or political affiliations.



  • To provide an opportunity for the residents of Hartwell and district to participate weekly during school term time in singing as part of a mixed ability group.

  • To provide an opportunity for its members to develop and improve vocal and performance skills.

  • To sing a broad range of musical genres from all over the world and from all decades, privately as a choir and in public concerts, whilst benefitting from inspiring professional musical direction.

  • To enhance the cultural life of the local community.

  • To support Hartwell Community Centre and other local community venues.

  • To support local causes on an ad hoc basis.

  • To be financially viable but non-profit distributing.



  • Membership of H&SCC is open to any person with an interest in furthering the objectives above. H&SCC is an adult choir, but children over the age of twelve will be considered where accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • H&SCC Treasurer shall maintain details of membership attendance and fees paid.

  • In the unlikely event of over-subscription, the Musical Director shall advise the Committee regarding the maximum number for each voice section or the choir as a whole. The Committee shall decide whether to respect this advice and whether to maintain a waiting list.

  • The Committee shall have the right to terminate the membership of any individual who is considered to be acting against the interests of the choir.



  • The Committee comprises a Chairperson, Treasurer and up to ten members. The Chairperson is an elected officer subject to re-election after each three years.

  • The committee shall meet at intervals as dictated by the needs of the choir. A minimum of six attendees including at least one officer are required for a quorum.

  • A record shall be kept of decisions taken at committee meetings, and made available to choir members upon request.

  • The committee shall endeavour to make decisions by consensus, but a decision by simple majority is permitted.



  • The committee is responsible for determining the appropriate level of members’ fees and the level of funds held at the bank in order for the choir to be financially sustainable.

  • Members’ fees are due one half-(school)term in advance. In exceptional circumstances individual members may pay weekly with the agreement of the Treasurer and Chairman, and reported to the committee. Such exceptions shall be reviewed at the end of each term.

  • Members shall be obliged to pay for missed weeks. This may be waived on genuine compassionate grounds with the agreement of the Treasurer and Chairman.

  • No member of H&SCC shall receive remuneration other than for incurred choir expenses.

  • The H&SCC financial year shall run from the 1st of September to align with the school term calendar.

  • A statement of account including revenue and expenses shall be published annually. It shall be prepared by the Treasurer and audited by one other committee member or their nominee. It shall be made available to members upon request.


Amendments to the constitution

Amendments to this constitution require a two-thirds majority of committee members.


Dissolution of the choir

In the event that H&SCC is wound up, any remaining assets following the discharge of liabilities shall be transferred to a charitable institution or to an organisation having similar objectives to H&SCC.