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Here are some quotes from a few of our members to tell you a little bit more about what it is like to be a member of Hart and Soul Community Choir.

There is something very special about being able to sing with others – it’s good for one's inner spirit.

Singing banishes stress, it's a great workout, it's good for the lungs, it reduces the risk of heart disease, it gives you a sense of community, it boosts confidence, it helps the brain and it boosts the immune system.  So what's stopping you from joining Hart and Soul Choir?

Each week singing with the group is exactly what I need to de-stress and forget everything for a while, and I always leave the session with a smile on my face.

Joining Hart and Soul was the first bit of true “me-time” I managed to carve out for myself after having children – I am no longer a parent on a Wednesday evening, I am a singer.

The choir has given me the chance to meet many new friends, and it was not hard to go along to the first evening on my own. I have found it very inclusive and great fun.

I wish I had not left it so long before joining the choir.

I felt very nervous about joining the choir as I am shy and I didn't know anyone else there. I needn't have worried! Everyone in the group is so friendly and welcoming.

It's a really lovely friendly group and it's great to feel part of something that I am proud of and committed to.

When we start a new song it’s always challenging but very rewarding when we rehearse and harmonise together.

The singing lifts my spirits with great company and new friends made.

Very informal but a lot of fun. There are times when I feel a little down and perhaps think I won’t go tonight. But I stop myself, and feel much better having had a sing-a-long with my choir friends.

No matter how tired, stressed or ground down by daily life I am, the time I spend at choir once a week always brightens me up and energises me. It’s truly one of the highlights of my week.

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