Steering Group

The Steering Group of ten choir members oversees the running of the choir. The group members are Alison, Carol, Jackie, Jane, Kate, Len, Rosemarie, Sheila, Theresa and Valerie. Anna co-ordinates the tasks carried out by Steering Group members, Kate is Treasurer and manages the website and Theresa looks after social media. The various roles of all members are detailed in the meeting notes from 12 Sep 2021.

If you have any concerns about anything, or any suggestions, please feel free to speak to any member of the Steering group. Information on the running of the choir can also be found in our constitution (see the menu to the left of this page). Choir members are welcome to read the minutes of the Steering Group's regular meetings, as well as the AGM. These are available by clicking on the buttons below. The choir's financial position is summarised each year at the AGM. This information is available to choir members on request.